MSG_DEFAULT = Text [ %1$d ] not found MSG_1 = Home MSG_2 = Home MSG_3 = Profile MSG_4 = start playing here MSG_5 = Tools MSG_6 = Oficial MSG_7 = register now MSG_8 = Sign up MSG_9 = help MSG_10 = User MSG_11 = Password MSG_12 = Login MSG_13 = Session expired or unauthorized access! MSG_14 = Everyone can create templates, but you can also edit multiple modules that are listed below. To do this simply press the "Save as" button. MSG_15 = Using HTML5 CSS3 / style, graphics, 3D & Effects, Multimedia, and Semantics MSG_16 = disable alarm MSG_17 = Suggestions: MSG_18 = Most Popular MSG_19 = At this time, our community has 1% active users Legacy and %2 campaigns created. Join us! MSG_20 = Play Online RPG in Taulukko! MSG_21 = Origin of name Taulukko MSG_22 = Support Taulukko MSG_23 = Create NPC MSG_24 = Old password is incorrect! MSG_25 = Campaign name already exist MSG_26 = Variable name is required! MSG_27 = Invalid variable name! MSG_28 = An error occured during the search! MSG_29 = More information MSG_30 = Close MSG_31 = contact-us MSG_32 = Contact MSG_33 = What's new? MSG_34 = Access denied. Only GM can paint the grid MSG_35 = last changes MSG_36 = Access denied. Only GM can create NPCs MSG_37 = news about RPG and Taulukko MSG_38 = how to get more Taulukko MSG_39 = See Who's with Taulukko MSG_40 = You gained %1 experience points
by %2! MSG_41 = You have a critical fail in hack test. Try get 20 in dice,
or entering your password and user correctly this time =) MSG_42 = But now? Okay then. Check back often! MSG_43 = Session expired!
Simply login again! MSG_44 = Redirecting ... MSG_45 = Incorrect model! MSG_46 = Format Invalid month. MSG_47 = Day format is not valid. MSG_48 = Not Informed month has 31 days. MSG_49 = Informed month has only 29 days. MSG_50 = Informed month has only 28 days. MSG_51 = Format Invalid year. MSG_52 = Staff was advised. Thank you! MSG_53 = Required field Reason MSG_54 = Sending ... MSG_55 = You want to remove the blacklist user %1? MSG_56 = Player removed from the black list successfully! MSG_57 = Your session has expired. Return to the home page and enter the system again! # acesso negado, esta mensagem é diferente da outra de sessão expirou MSG_58 = Your session has expired. If the problem persists, try again later. MSG_59 = Exit this body that does not belong to you! MSG_60 = Unknown error. Please take a screenshot of this screen and send it to the email MSG_61 = The campaign is now active MSG_62 = Are you sure you want to quit this year? MSG_63 = All MSG_64 = You have been removed from the room by the Master MSG_65 = Data MSG_66 = Tips MSG_67 = In Internet Explorer, some features may take longer than in other browsers.
Try using the Taulukko with MSG_68 = Mute MSG_69 = You can also use the command %1 to roll Fudge dice.
Want to know all the commands? Click
MSG_70 = here MSG_71 = Are you sure you want to temporarily block the player [%1]? He can be unlocked with the [unlock] or automatically within a few hours. MSG_72 = Locked - click to unlock MSG_73 = Unlock MSG_74 = Unlock - Click to lock MSG_75 = Block MSG_76 = Are you crazy?? Are you sure you want to permanently lock the player [%1]??? He can no longer get in your campaign! If you change your mind later, go to the campaign page and remove it from the ban list. MSG_77 = Sleep? The master is calling your attention there! MSG_78 = You have been banned by the master. Come back when you make peace with it! MSG_79 = banned MSG_80 = writing MSG_81 = sound enabled MSG_82 = disabled sound MSG_83 = locked - click to unlock MSG_84 = unlock MSG_85 = Unlocked - click to block MSG_86 = block MSG_87 = You have been removed from the room by the Master MSG_88 = user does not exist MSG_89 = bother MSG_90 = Copy login MSG_91 = new turn MSG_92 = sound enabled MSG_93 = ban MSG_94 = record MSG_95 = see the character sheet MSG_96 = Player %1 just entering the campaign! MSG_97 = Access denied. Only GM can select Tokens MSG_98 = Error loading user! MSG_99 = End MSG_100 = Uploading file to the server ... MSG_101 = edit MSG_102 = Available for adventures. MSG_103 = Is currently busy with other adventures. MSG_104 = Your session has expired. Return to the home page and enter the system again! MSG_105 = Hehehe ... you are banned, buddy! MSG_106 = Tsk, tsk, tsk ... You already have a campaign with this name. Want to make a remake? Register again with another name =) MSG_107 = Invalid Field Name MSG_108 = Invalid Field Description MSG_109 = The Description field should have an overview of your campaign, not her whole =D The limit is only 4000 characters. Your text has MSG_110 = Invalid Field Scenario MSG_111 = Invalid Field System MSG_112 = Public invalid Field MSG_113 = This name is already in use MSG_114 = Save MSG_115 = Log out MSG_116 = Invalid file format! MSG_117 = Invalid file size! MSG_118 = Unknown error code 4!
If the error persists, notify the administrator! MSG_119 = Unknown error code 5!
If the error persists, notify the administrator! MSG_120 = Soon... MSG_121 = System used MSG_122 = Campaign initiated in %1 and MA graduate by %3 MSG_123 = No support for Internet Explorer Try using Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari MSG_124 = by %1 - Used %2 times MSG_125 = Saving ... MSG_126 = Field name invalid! You must have more than 5 characters. MSG_127 = Short Description field invalid! You must have more than 5 characters. MSG_128 = Edit MSG_129 = Field name already exists for this model in another page! MSG_130 = Error! MSG_131 = Error. Model not found! MSG_132 = Field inserted successfully! MSG_133 = Field updated successfully! MSG_134 = Field name invalid! Only letters and numbers allowed no accent .. MSG_135 = Field name invalid! You must have more than 5 characters. MSG_136 = Field name invalid! First character can not be a number! MSG_137 = Numerical field invalid Left Bank! MSG_138 = Higher Margin invalid numeric field! MSG_139 = Height invalid numeric field! MSG_140 = Numeric field width invalid! MSG_141 = Max invalid numeric field! MSG_142 = Invalid field type! MSG_143 = Blocked field invalid! MSG_144 = Visible field invalid! MSG_145 = Redirecting ... MSG_146 = Unable to save. Reason:
Unknown error code %1! MSG_147 = Saving ... MSG_148 = Template name already exists! MSG_149 = Error! MSG_150 = Page MSG_151 = warm news MSG_152 = a minute ago MSG_153 = -%1 minutes ago MSG_154 = - An hour ago MSG_155 = -%1 hours ago MSG_156 = - One day ago MSG_157 = -%1 days ago MSG_158 = Reason (required) MSG_159 = Select MSG_160 = Copyrighted material MSG_161 = Pornography MSG_162 = Offensive MSG_163 = Malicious code MSG_164 = Other MSG_165 = Comment MSG_166 = Sneaky MSG_167 = Yellow MSG_168 = Error retrieving campaigns! MSG_169 = Clear Grid MSG_170 = Join MSG_171 = Play MSG_172 = Leave MSG_173 = Remember password for a week MSG_174 = Ads MSG_175 = Attach template MSG_176 = Black list MSG_177 = Activate MSG_178 = Complaint MSG_179 = The meeting point for roleplayers. Pull your chair and stay awhile! MSG_180 = The dwarves were chasing the news, but not yet returned ... MSG_181 = Taulukko follow on Twitter! MSG_182 = Campaign MSG_183 = Master MSG_184 = Players MSG_185 = All MSG_186 = Create new template MSG_187 = Search Template MSG_188 = Contact MSG_189 = Questions? Suggestions? Bugs? Want to attend courses to better use Legacy? Or even exchange ideas with the campaign staff? MSG_190 = Feel free to get in touch. MSG_191 = Help - FAQ MSG_192 = Table of Contents MSG_193 = What are the requirements to play MSG_194 = opening a grid for the first time MSG_195 = creating a NPC on the grid MSG_196 = How to play an existing campaign? MSG_197 = How to create a new campaign? MSG_198 = How DMing a campaign? MSG_199 = How to edit the home page of the campaign? MSG_200 = Chat commands MSG_201 = Which player chat commands? MSG_202 = What chat commands to dungeon master? MSG_203 = How to use the system character sheets of Legacy? MSG_204 = How to draw the attention of players missing? MSG_205 = Locking and unlocking a player? MSG_206 = How to ban players? MSG_207 = How to unban players? MSG_208 = Clear screen chat? MSG_209 = How to send an image to the chat? MSG_210 = How to send a private message? MSG_211 = Downloading of what was said or posted in chat? MSG_212 = How to know the news about the system? MSG_213 = How to talk while playing? MSG_214 = How to follow news Taulukko via Twitter? MSG_215 = How to help Taulukko? MSG_216 = How to contact staff Taulukko? MSG_217 = Minimum requirement MSG_218 = Firefox 10 or higher, Chrome 15 or higher, Opera 10 or higher, Safari 4 or higher, Internet Explorer 10 and up MSG_219 = Memory MSG_220 = 256 MB of free RAM or more MSG_221 = Video Card MSG_222 = with resolution 800X600 or higher. MSG_223 = Recommended MSG_224 = Firefox 15 or higher, Chrome 22 or higher, Opera 12 or higher, Safari 5 or higher, Internet Explorer 20 and up MSG_225 = 512MB of free RAM or more. MSG_226 = Sound MSG_227 = with resolution 1024X768 or more. MSG_228 = to hear the sounds of the game room MSG_229 = Sound compatible browser (HTML5). MSG_230 = moving a token in grid MSG_231 = painting a cell of the grid MSG_232 = using the off-topic chat MSG_233 = Are you sure you want to clear the grid? MSG_234 = Personal MSG_235 = This model was created by
%2 and was annexed in %3 campaigns. MSG_236 = Cost to attach: taulonas %1 MSG_237 = Be the first to review this model MSG_238 = Note %1 MSG_239 = Stars MSG_240 = (%1 vote) MSG_241 = Try you too MSG_242 = Want to use this model in your campaign? MSG_243 = More stars MSG_244 = Their MSG_245 = Search MSG_246 = Name MSG_247 = Model Sheets MSG_248 = Model is a kind of record for the type of record that his group will use in your campaign. Once you have chosen a card for your campaign, all players may open the record chat room. MSG_249 = Here you can choose the type of record that you will use in your campaign. After selecting the appropriate record you will have the option to attach it in his campaign. MSG_250 = Did not find the template for your system? MSG_251 = You can create a template for your system using our editor. MSG_252 = Used %1 times MSG_253 = How To Throw an existing campaign? MSG_254 = After finding a campaign, click its name. MSG_255 = Then click the menu Join. MSG_256 = All campaigns you participate are accessible from your profile . MSG_257 = Clicking the name of the campaign, you can read the bulletin board and more. MSG_258 = Access the chat by clicking Play. MSG_259 = Video tutorial explaining how to play: MSG_260 = How to create a new campaign? MSG_261 = From your profile. MSG_262 = Click on "Create New" button in the side menu campaigns. MSG_263 = Fill in the information about the campaign and click Finish. MSG_264 = Video tutorial explaining how to create and GMing a campaign MSG_265 = How DMing a campaign MSG_266 = From your profile. MSG_267 = Click the campaign you want GMing "Play" button. MSG_268 = You enter into the chat room of this campaign. MSG_269 = Video tutorial explaining how to create and GMing a campaign MSG_270 = Change MSG_271 = From your profile. MSG_272 = Click the name of the chosen campaign MSG_273 = Click the "Edit" button MSG_274 = Edit the page and click "Finish" MSG_275 = Chat commands MSG_276 = Which player chat commands? MSG_277 = All commands are initiated by player / (forward slash) MSG_278 = performs a scrolling data for all to see MSG_279 = Roll 3 dice of 6 sides MSG_280 = rolls 3 6-sided dice and add 2 at the end MSG_281 = roll a die 20 faces MSG_282 = Fudge makes a scrolling data for all to see. MSG_283 = Roll 3 dice Fudge MSG_284 = Roll 1 die Fudge MSG_285 = displays the date in Chat MSG_286 = displays the time in chat MSG_287 = displays the date and time in chat MSG_288 = send message to GM MSG_289 = I'll kill the leader of the group MSG_290 = change your name in chat MSG_291 = What chat commands master MSG_292 = QUANTITY MSG_293 = FACES MSG_294 = BONUS MSG_295 = performs a scrolling data only for you to see MSG_296 = Roll 3 dice of 6 sides MSG_297 = rolls 3 6-sided dice and add 2 at the end MSG_298 = roll a die 20 faces MSG_299 = Fudge makes a scrolling data only for you to see. MSG_300 = Roll 3 dice Fudge MSG_301 = Roll 1 die Fudge MSG_302 = sends the message to the player PLAYER parameter MSG_303 = You found a treasure MSG_304 = How to draw the attention of absent players MSG_305 = Your player slept? Missing? MSG_306 = You may draw the attention of the players in the room by sending a "bomb" MSG_307 = This tool can only be used by the teacher / narrator. It can be sent to the entire room or just for a certain player MSG_308 = The player will be brought to the screen Taulukko, even if it is with another site or open program. In addition, the player who is with sound enabled hear a sound of explosion MSG_309 = How to lock and unlock players? MSG_310 = You can prevent any player from the room, without taking it off the campaign. This lock is temporary and lasts until the next server restart or until the master suitcase. MSG_311 = To lock or unlock, simply click the padlock that appears next to the name of the player in the room MSG_312 = This lock is temporary and serves only to prevent the entry of a player in the room when you want GMing only part of the players. In this case, do not forget to clear the text of the room before the player back. MSG_313 = How to ban players? MSG_314 = You can ban a player of his campaign permanently. The player is on a blacklist and can not add the campaign again to their profile. MSG_315 = Just click the "ban" that appears next to the name of the player MSG_316 = How to unban players MSG_317 = Changed his mind? You can remove a player from the blacklist. In its campaigns page, access the menu "blacklist" MSG_318 = Then click the "unban" button that appears next to the name of the player MSG_319 = How to know the news about the system MSG_320 = Click "What's New?" footer site MSG_321 = Clear screen chat? MSG_322 = You just made a secret story with a player and does not want to see the rest when you enter the room? MSG_323 = This is one of the utilities of the tool "clean room". Clicking in the rubber that appears on the Tools menu, the master / narrator can erase everything that was said in the chat yet. MSG_324 = Downloading of what was said or posted in chat? MSG_325 = The master / narrator can download everything that was said and sent the chat so far in a zip file. MSG_326 = To do so, visit your profile, then your campaigns page and click on "Logs". MSG_327 = How to send an image to chat MSG_328 = Then click the log you want to download, it is in date order. MSG_329 = You can send to chat any image that is hosted on the internet. Just use the command MSG_330 = or MSG_331 = in the chat. MSG_332 = For example: MSG_333 = The image appears in a square of 100x100px with a link to the full-size image MSG_334 = How to send a private message MSG_335 = The player can send a PM to the master using the chat command MSG_336 = For example: /pm I'll kill the leader of the group. MSG_337 = The master can send a PM to a player using the chat command MSG_338 = For example, //pm ??Ricardo you found a treasure. MSG_339 = How to talk while playing MSG_340 = You can use our rooms TeamSpeak to communicate with players by voice. Our server is MSG_341 = To use, download the TeamSpeak 3 program MSG_342 = Once installed follow our tips on our MSG_343 = D&D 3.5? D&D 4E? Old Dragon? 3D&T? We have MSG_344 = Can not find it? Do it yourself! MSG_345 = How to follow news Taulukko via Twitter MSG_346 = Simply access the home page of Taulukko or register on Twitter and follow our profile MSG_347 = How to help Taulukko MSG_348 = Learn how to contribute more resources Taulukko MSG_349 = Click on "Store" at the bottom of the site and know the advantages of purchasing a Premium Taulukko package. MSG_350 = Spread the seal Taulukko MSG_351 = Enter the code below to your blog or website MSG_352 = Example MSG_353 = Help translating or correcting Taulukko for your language MSG_354 = All original texts of Taulukko can be viewed in a text document MSG_355 = Brazilian Portuguese that can be downloaded here MSG_356 = The texts are translated from Portuguese to MSG_357 = English into another document which can be downloaded here MSG_358 = If you wish to translate a phrase that is still in Brazilian Portuguese into English, just send us the code of the message and the translation. Corrections are also welcome! MSG_359 = If you want to translate into another language, please contact us in Portuguese or English shipping: country, language, codes and translated texts (can ship partially). MSG_360 = How to contact staff Taulukko? MSG_361 = Send an email to MSG_362 = Help - Character Model Sheet MSG_363 = What is a model? MSG_364 = What are the requirements to edit or create a model? MSG_365 = What do I need to use a model that is ready? MSG_366 = Table of Contents MSG_367 = Fields MSG_368 = Attributes MSG_369 = Attribute Name MSG_370 = Attribute MSG_371 = Attribute Type MSG_372 = Attribute Default Value MSG_373 = Attribute Left Bank and Higher MSG_374 = Attribute Width and Height MSG_375 = Attribute Maximum Size MSG_376 = Attribute Blocked MSG_377 = How do you create a new model? MSG_378 = Events MSG_379 = Mouse Click Event MSG_380 = Mouse Move Event MSG_381 = Keystrokes Mouse Event MSG_382 = Lose Focus Event Mouse MSG_383 = Style and Appearance MSG_384 = Additional CSS MSG_385 = Scripts MSG_386 = Roles MSG_387 = fieldName MSG_388 = countryside MSG_389 = Other questions regarding Script MSG_390 = What happens if some of my template script contains an error? MSG_391 = Is compatible with javascript frameworks like JQuery? MSG_392 = How to change a model from another user? MSG_393 = How do I report a model that hurts the ducts of Taulukko? MSG_394 = When creating a model, others can copy them? What rights do I have on the model? MSG_395 = What is a model? MSG_396 = The Taulukko is a generic system that supports several different types of games. Therefore, it makes sense to Taulukko offer a unique model of character record. Thus Taulukko offers a system of models that can be created by the players themselves. MSG_397 = One template is shaped as a cake. It is the form that will appear Record for players. Furthermore, it is possible to add scripts to record the events of the fields, so that some fields auto-fill-up. MSG_398 = In addition, the fields are automatically saved when it loses focus. The player only needs to worry about saving data fields generated via script. Thus, the player is solely concerned with the appearance of the model and not with the flat part of saving all fields. MSG_399 = What are the requirements to edit or create a model? MSG_400 = To edit or create models, the minimum and recommended requirements are the same Taulukko. Except that the editor does not work for Internet Explorer. To view the campaigns and attach any compatible browser Taulukko is enough. MSG_401 = What do I need to use a model that is ready? MSG_402 = To use a template ready and published, you should go to your campaign page and click "Attach Model". Then simply select the model that most closely resembles the system that you use and voila! MSG_403 = Video tutorial explaining how to use a model MSG_404 = How do you create a new model? MSG_405 = The first step is to click on the menu in FichasCriar model. MSG_406 = The system prompts you for the model name, a short description and a detailed description. MSG_407 = Models chips are divided into pages, like the front and back of a paper. However, you can create up to five pages per model. You need to create a name for each of the pages that your model will have, such as: Characteristics, Combat, Equipment etc.. MSG_408 = Each page consists of several fields. MSG_409 = Video tutorial explaining how to create a new model MSG_410 = Fields MSG_411 = Each field consists of several attributes: name, description, type, default value, left margin, top margin, width, height, max, locked, visible size. All attributes are mandatory. Optionally, you can put javascript for each event: click the mouse, move the mouse, the dial, to lose focus. MSG_412 = Attribute Name MSG_413 = Regardless of the name that the field has, it does not affect the appearance of the field to the player. However, it is important to appoint appropriate to use this field in some script in the future. MSG_414 = Attribute MSG_415 = Description is a purely descriptive attribute. If you wish, you can leave it blank. MSG_416 = Attribute Type MSG_417 = Type is how your field appears on the screen. The following types MSG_418 = Text MSG_419 = Simple text field. If it is locked, can not be edited by the user. It is also the only type that accepts characters limit (Max). MSG_420 = Image MSG_421 = Image field. This field can not be edited by the user and therefore it ignores the attribute "locked". The path of the image it displays is the URL that is in the Default Value field. MSG_422 = Button MSG_423 = Field type button. This field appears as a button for the user. It accepts not be edited and therefore it ignores the attribute "locked". The contents of the default value is what will appear on the button. MSG_424 = Text Area MSG_425 = Field type text box. This field appears in the form of a text field, but accepts multiple lines. This field type accepts no minimum size, but may be limited in 4000 characters. MSG_426 = Attribute Default Value MSG_427 = Used in different ways depending on the type, in most cases is that it assumes the value for the field when does not contain any value entered by the user. However, in type image field, it should be populated with the URL of the image. MSG_428 = Attribute Left Margin and Top: MSG_429 = This marks the attribute as the field appears away from the left margin and top margin. MSG_430 = Attribute Width and Height MSG_431 = This attribute marks as the width and height in pixels will occupy their field. MSG_432 = Attribute Width and Height MSG_433 = This attribute is used only for fields of type Text. This attribute limits the maximum amount that the user can type in the text field. MSG_434 = Attribute Blocked MSG_435 = This attribute, when set to yes, change the text fields to labels that can not be changed by the user, only via javascript. MSG_436 = Mouse Click Event MSG_437 = The click event is fired when you click the field. This event works in the same way for all types. MSG_438 = Mouse Move Event MSG_439 = The move event is fired when the mouse moves over the field. MSG_440 = Keystrokes Mouse Event MSG_441 = The event is triggered when typing any key is pressed on the field. This event works only with fields of type text. MSG_442 = Lose Focus Event Mouse MSG_443 = The event losing focus is triggered when the mouse pointer leaves the field. MSG_444 = Additional CSS MSG_445 = The fields accept CSS formatting. Simply include the CSS attributes you want to change and they will be incorporated into the css field. MSG_446 = The script is accepted javascript and it can be added at various events, principalemnte the button. The Taulukko offers some ready for developers functions. Below is the list of them MSG_447 = This function takes the field name and returns an object of type field MSG_448 = This function takes the name of the field and saved in the database. She usually does not need to be thrown because the Taulukko saved automatically when the field loses focus. However, if you find it necessary to save a field that has had its value changed via code, it will be helpful. MSG_449 = This function takes the field, and if the value is not numeric, it changes its value to zero. MSG_450 = What happens if some of my template script contains an error? MSG_451 = Scripts of each field are the responsibility of the model developer. If a script contains error, the model can be presented incorrectly and make mistakes like not save, missing pages, among others. MSG_452 = If not you have built the model, please contact the developer. MSG_453 = Is compatible with javascript frameworks? MSG_454 = Yes, with JQuery. Besides the javascript functions and additional functions Taulukko, the editor accepts the developer to use the library functions JQuery MSG_455 = How to change a model from another user? MSG_456 = From the main model has a "Save As" option. But note that this option only appears for PREMIUM users and even then, only if the user is also author of the model do not own an account MSG_457 = How do I report a model that hurts the ducts of Taulukko? MSG_458 = You can click the report and populate the data or send an email to stating the name of the author of the model, model name and the subject of the complaint. MSG_459 = When creating a model, others can copy them? What rights do I have on the model? MSG_460 = Yes From the moment you publish the model, the material becomes part of the site Taulukko and any user can use or even copy for use within the site. However, if you have a premium account, the option "Save as" does not appear for other users, making it difficult to copy your record. MSG_461 = Hotel MSG_462 = Help MSG_463 = Load MSG_464 = Effect MSG_465 = Change log MSG_466 = Send MSG_467 = No - (Hey there, do not say we did not warn you!) MSG_468 = Confirm e-mail MSG_469 = E-mail and confirmation must be equals MSG_470 =

GM Command: Send a sound to the chat.




MSG_471 = being banned by the anti-flood system MSG_472 =

GM Command: Send a video to the chat.




MSG_473 = There already exists a friendship request between the users! MSG_474 = if you do not accept, the other players can not get in touch with you MSG_475 = Email MSG_476 = Continue MSG_477 = Sign Up - Account data MSG_478 = User name MSG_479 = Password MSG_480 = Confirm Password MSG_481 = How did you get in this stolen? MSG_482 = Back MSG_483 = There is no friendship request between the users! MSG_484 = Error while adding friend! MSG_485 = Error while declining friendship request! MSG_486 = There is no friendship between the users! MSG_487 = Share MSG_488 = Rules (IN PT-BR) MSG_489 = Read the rules MSG_490 = Finalize MSG_491 = Invalid Field Name MSG_492 = Link copied! MSG_493 = Thank you for accepting notifications! MSG_494 = New friendship request MSG_495 = Invalid Email field MSG_496 = Mandatory to know if the e-mail will be publicly available MSG_497 = Add To Contact List MSG_498 = Invalid Password field MSG_499 = Field Confirmation Password invalid MSG_500 = Password and Confirm fields must match MSG_501 = Invalid login field MSG_502 = Login field must be between 3-20 characters MSG_503 = Login field can not contain special characters! MSG_504 = Indication field invalid! MSG_505 = It is mandatory to select the preferred game type. MSG_506 = It is mandatory to fill in the Other Type field. MSG_507 = It is mandatory to fill in the Subtype field. MSG_508 = It is mandatory to select the preferred style of play. MSG_509 = in MSG_510 = is under license MSG_511 = Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-The fenced Derivative Works 2.5 Brazil License MSG_512 = The scope of this license on the permissions are available in MSG_513 = PREMIUM MSG_514 = Search MSG_515 = Campaign MSG_516 = Welcome to Taulukko MSG_517 = Version MSG_518 = We've detected that your browser is old. This means that it does not follow web standards and may pose problems in some pages of our system. MSG_519 = Want to see with your own eyes? Test your browser here% 1% 2. Probably the result will be below 140 points. Best browsers can spend 200 points. MSG_520 = install a different browser and updated (links above) or install Google Chrome Frame
. MSG_521 = If you are using Internet Explorer 9 , turn off compatibility mode (see image). Now, if your IE browser is old, NOT PANIC You have two options!: MSG_522 = Select MSG_523 = Yes - anyone can join MSG_524 = No - moderate partipação MSG_525 = Registration MSG_526 = Hello, %1! The user %2 would like to add you as a friend. Check your friends list to accept or decline. MSG_527 = Description MSG_528 = Scenario Name MSG_529 = System of rules MSG_530 = Password MSG_531 = Ads MSG_532 = You do not own this year! MSG_533 = No account exists with this email 1%, try again with another email MSG_534 = Complete MSG_535 = Give up MSG_536 = Announcement MSG_537 = Black list MSG_538 = Oh no! You do not have permission to access this room, your smart! MSG_539 = This page can only be accessed by GM! MSG_540 = Campaign MSG_541 = Unwanted players MSG_542 = unban MSG_543 = Acquiring Taulonas MSG_544 = By donating to Taulukko, you win Taulonas. They can be worn for a while, buying Premium licenses. In the future, you can purchase other benefits with this rich treasure. MSG_545 = To purchase a premium account, you must have at least 20 Taulonas. MSG_546 = It is important to notice MSG_547 = There is a fee of 1% by docket MSG_548 = The delivery of Taulonas can take up to 1% days. MSG_549 = Each Taulona costs: MSG_550 = Generate billing MSG_551 = Click here to convert %1 to Taulonas MSG_552 = Value MSG_553 = Format: 9999 Note: Without the cents symbol and the real MSG_554 = E-mail which will be sent to collection MSG_555 = Invalid format. Example of valid format 50 MSG_556 = Field invalid email MSG_557 = You're donating an insufficient value to get a PREMIUM license. If you want to correct the value, press OK. If you want to proceed anyway, click Cancel. MSG_558 = The Value field must be numeric MSG_559 = The Value field must be filled MSG_560 = If you donate %1
, get %2 Taulonas. MSG_561 = Probable MSG_562 = System MSG_563 = %1 by %2 MSG_564 = None. Ask your teacher select one. MSG_565 = Template Record MSG_566 = Campaign started in MSG_567 = Need permission to play? MSG_568 = No MSG_569 = Yes MSG_570 = Description\r\n MSG_571 = GM walks uncreative and has not altered the campaign ads ^ ^ MSG_572 = To complete the procedure, you will be routed to the chosen site collection. To do so, click the button below: MSG_573 = The staff Taulukko thanks! MSG_574 = You do not own this year! MSG_575 = The Taulukko offers an efficient authoring tool of different character sheets. Thus, you can even create the template for your favorite system rules. MSG_576 = Try it and see how easy it is to create! MSG_577 = Hello, %1! The user %2 has accepted your friendship request. He will now appear on your friends list. We hope this new friendship will provide you good games! MSG_578 = Registration MSG_579 = Description\r\n MSG_580 = The chat room more "souped" web MSG_581 = A chat room with a roller data is usually all it takes for roleplayers have fun. MSG_582 = Public MSG_583 = Password MSG_584 = Invalid Field Name MSG_585 = Invalid Field Description MSG_586 = Field Description very large. Limit: 4000. Now it has: MSG_587 = But we always want more! MSG_588 = Here, the macros roll the dice and do the math for you. MSG_589 = Field [Public] is mandatory! MSG_590 = Do you keep important information in Notes . And each shares with anyone. MSG_591 = Give up MSG_592 = Complete MSG_593 = Friendship request accepted MSG_594 = Availability MSG_595 = Available for adventures MSG_596 = Busy with other adventures MSG_597 = The player accesses its Record character, and the master of all accesses. MSG_598 = Hide, I'm shy MSG_599 = Leave visible MSG_600 = Model creation MSG_601 = Error while loading message! MSG_602 = Short description (appears in search) MSG_603 = Long description (will appear on the home screen model) MSG_604 = Continue MSG_605 = Creating pages MSG_606 = Each model of the character sheet can be up to 5 pages to organize information about your record, such as: Personal, Combat, Spells Sheet, Background, etc. Data Annotations. Give a name to each one before you draw them MSG_607 = Page Name %1 MSG_608 = Error while marking message as notified! MSG_609 = Error while marking message as read! MSG_610 = Publish MSG_611 = Error while marking message as deleted by sender! MSG_612 = Error while marking message as deleted by receiver! MSG_613 = asking someone to be your friend MSG_614 = accepting a friendship request MSG_615 = creating a character MSG_616 = Select MSG_617 = Default Value MSG_618 = Left Bank MSG_619 = Top Margin MSG_620 = Altitude MSG_621 = Width MSG_622 = Max Characters MSG_623 = Blocked MSG_624 = Select MSG_625 = Yes MSG_626 = No MSG_627 = Visibility MSG_628 = Events MSG_629 = Clicking MSG_630 = When you move MSG_631 = When typing MSG_632 = By losing focus MSG_633 = Style and appearance MSG_634 = Add / Save MSG_635 = Add / Save MSG_636 = Type MSG_637 = Value MSG_638 = ME MSG_639 = MS MSG_640 = Alt MSG_641 = Home MSG_642 = Max. MSG_643 = Blocked MSG_644 = Visible MSG_645 = Shares MSG_646 = Visualize MSG_647 = Back MSG_648 = To enter this campaign, you must seek permission to the master. MSG_649 = Password MSG_650 = You want to add this campaign to your profile? MSG_651 = Add MSG_652 = processing ... MSG_653 = This page can only be accessed by GM! MSG_654 = Campaign MSG_655 = Recent log MSG_656 = Old Log MSG_657 = Warning: when the game starts, this sound will ring a few times before stopping. Be careful not to miss the fun. MSG_658 = From %1 to %2 MSG_659 = Available for adventures. MSG_660 = At the moment I am busy with other adventures. MSG_661 = No friends. Try add a new one. MSG_662 = Level MSG_663 = Play MSG_664 = Send MSG_665 = Options MSG_666 = Ooops ... we hired the halfling did something stupid, could attempt to retry the operation? MSG_667 = System used MSG_668 = Year beginning on %1 and %2 by MA graduate MSG_669 = you MSG_670 = Profile MSG_671 = Change avatar MSG_672 = Edit MSG_673 = Campaigns MSG_674 = Create new MSG_675 = A player missing? Sleep? The master can send a sound bomb for it. MSG_676 = All MSG_677 = Mestro MSG_678 = Jogo MSG_679 = Oh no! You do not have permission to access this room, your smart! MSG_680 = This campaign is not active. Ask your Master to activate it! MSG_681 = Are you sure you want to quit this year? MSG_682 = You can not abandon ship, after all you are the captain! MSG_683 = Abandon campaign MSG_684 = Cancel MSG_685 = Continue MSG_686 = Search Campaigns MSG_687 = You can search campaigns by typing one or more words in the field below. Then press Search MSG_688 = Advanced Search MSG_689 = Search MSG_690 = Search Model MSG_691 = How was it that the warrior killed that dragon? Everything that happens in the chat is saved in files for the master. MSG_692 = Description MSG_693 = And there's more! Create your campaign and check. MSG_694 = Toggle password visibility MSG_695 = RESERVED MSG_696 = RESERVED MSG_697 = Did not find someone to play with in Buteco? MSG_698 = Find campaigns and players in our smart search system. MSG_699 = Send MSG_700 = Saving ... MSG_701 = Character sheet %1 MSG_702 = Preview Mode! Nothing will be saved. Do not even waste your time ^ ^ MSG_703 = Model Sheet MSG_704 = The Taulukko is a generic for RPG system and therefore can not have a single type of record. However, each master can associate a model of the character sheet for the campaign. The teacher can even change the template record during the campaign. MSG_705 = Want to send a photo of the monster that is attacking the players? Want to show the map of the region? MSG_706 = And any player, teacher or not, can create new models. And if you are the author of the model or a user
PREMIUM can create copies of existing models. MSG_707 = None. Select a model now MSG_708 = To learn how to create a template, visit our archive MSG_709 = using the link MSG_710 = help MSG_711 = of menu templates. MSG_712 = Note MSG_713 = Models whose author is a user PREMIUM can not be changed (option "create copy"). MSG_714 = List of models created by you MSG_715 = Description MSG_716 = Published MSG_717 = Shares MSG_718 = Yes MSG_719 = No MSG_720 = No support for Internet Explorer Try using Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari MSG_721 = Attach the campaign MSG_722 = Backing MSG_723 = Complaint MSG_724 = Required field Reason! MSG_725 = Staff was advised, thank you! MSG_726 = Sending ... MSG_727 = Attaching ... MSG_728 = Template attached to your campaign MSG_729 = An error occurred when attaching! MSG_730 = Model successfully copied MSG_731 = An error occurred when connecting to the database! MSG_732 = This model can not be saved for you as it is already yours! MSG_733 = This model belongs to a user account with ! MSG_734 = An unknown error occurred while saving MSG_735 = This model belongs to a user account with and therefore can not be copied with the option 'Create Copy' MSG_736 = Select your avatar MSG_737 = Select the effect MSG_738 = Taulukko? What name is that? MSG_739 = "Account %1 already exists. Try to be more creative ;-)" MSG_740 = The campaign is no longer active. Please contact the teacher. MSG_741 = campaign successfully removed! MSG_742 = Campaign %1 already exists, try to be more creative ;-) MSG_743 = Below are the details of the payment of the contribution to the server %1: MSG_744 = Donor Name: %1 MSG_745 = Donor account: %1 MSG_746 = Amount donated: 1% MSG_747 = Recovery rate: 1% MSG_748 = For questions, feel free to enlighten them by email 1% MSG_749 = We appreciate the contribution, MSG_750 = Team 1% MSG_751 = Billet generated MSG_752 = Session expired! Login the system again. MSG_753 = The word Taulukko backwards (okkuluat) means "hidden" in Norwegian. Here, it is used to symbolize the players that are hidden behind the internet. MSG_754 = The name Taulukko is an ancient Arabic word which means "Uncertain Future". It has everything to do with the future of random characters in a RPG world. MSG_755 = In ancient India, ancient priests played similar to chess in that game was a judge. What reminds RPG games that also use the board and require a judge (the master). The Indian name of this game was Taulukko. MSG_756 = In Egypt, the emperor Ramses invented a game for your enjoyment. He had 3 participants, one of whom was the judge and the other two tournaments with false stories about his life. The name of this game was Taulukko. MSG_757 = Nero before flare Rome, created a new use for the arena. People disguised themselves and staged plays, with the difference that everything was improvised. The name of these plays was Taulukkos. MSG_758 = The word Taulukko is the sum of three words of ancient China. Tao, which means path or intuition. Lao, which means interpretation. Ko, meaning game. In a free translation mode to Play Interpreting. MSG_759 = Taulukko is a Finnish word that means table. MSG_760 = Taulukko is an Indian word meaning "story". The origin is Tupanamã a tribe in the Amazon, whose chiefs told stories to the children that they could participate in choosing the final. MSG_761 = In Persia, was sold a game similar to chess, which had several thumbnails: the wizard, the thief, the warrior and the religious. The name of this strategy game was Taulukko. MSG_762 = In Europe in the seventeenth century, spread among the nobility table with a checkered adornments designed with dragons. She was principalemnte used to play chess. The last name of the sculptor of these tables was Taulukko. MSG_763 = In ancient Japan, geishas have created a game to move into parts according to the data output tray. For this game, they gave the name of Taulukko. MSG_764 = There are more than 2000 years, Archimedes created a perfect 20-sided die and named Taulukko. MSG_765 = Oslaf Taulukko, creator of a miniatures game in the second century, was the inspiration for the name of Taulukko system. MSG_766 = Eduard Taulukko was an actor in the fifteenth century, heroic pieces involving Celtic mythology and namesake of Taulukko system. MSG_767 = Taulukko actually comes from a recursive acronym TAULCO, which means the Tauluco Algorithm Optimized Universal Lightweight Chat. That is, the name of the algorithm used for chat rooms. MSG_768 = Taulukko actually comes from a TAULCO acronym that means: Trying Random Joining Lasagna With Omelette. MSG_769 = Taulukko is the result of the word RPG ocopus encrypted using the algorithm (which always generates 8 characters) using the RPG password. MSG_770 = In the late nineteenth century, an illusionist artist became famous with his machine to play chess alone. The mechanical table had the name Taulukko and even won the best chess players. Obviously if later discovered it was a scam. MSG_771 = You must be logged in to use this functionality. Maybe you were logged in, but your session has expired. In this case try to log in again! MSG_772 = You do not have permission to view this page! MSG_773 = The configuration page access [% 1] is missing. Contact your support! MSG_774 = A (ini) friend pointed me MSG_775 = Xexelentos search sites (most likely alternative) MSG_776 = Google (only if it was on page 50) MSG_777 = Fall parachute, aka unintentionally (scored!) MSG_778 = I know the owner, wanted to give moral support to him. MSG_779 = None of the above. MSG_780 = I have read and agree with them. MSG_781 = Obviously I disagree. MSG_782 = Select MSG_783 = Female MSG_784 = Male MSG_785 = Undecided MSG_786 = No available MSG_787 = If you wish, if you do not know the password, you can send a password request to the creator of the campaign. Attention! Your name and email will be sent to him! MSG_788 = It's easy to get started! MSG_789 = Unknown error. Try again later! MSG_790 = Request sent successfully! MSG_791 = Hello %1,
User [
%2 ] com email:%3 is requesting Password campaign [%4] to play. MSG_792 = We are on air since August 2008. MSG_793 = Finalize MSG_794 = was temporarily blocked by the master. MSG_795 = was unlocked by the master. MSG_796 = Master spent the broom in the chat! MSG_797 = New shift of %1 MSG_798 = Rolled a GG! %1 1D20 MSG_799 = Fudge rolled 1 die = %1 MSG_800 = Rolled %1D%2=%3 MSG_801 = Rolled %1 data Fudges %2 MSG_802 = Rolled %1D%2 %3 MSG_803 = entered the room ... MSG_804 = Error sending message! MSG_805 = Error, user does not exist! MSG_806 = %1 has changed nick to 2% MSG_807 = Player [%1] does not exist. MSG_808 = Received %1: %2 MSG_809 = GM received: %1 MSG_810 = performed an incorrect command MSG_811 = logging in on Taulukko MSG_812 = editing your avatar MSG_813 = editing your profile MSG_814 = Account %1 already exists. Try to be more creative ;-) MSG_815 = Hello 1%, thank you for registering for Taulukko. \n\n MSG_816 = .

Hello, password change was requested for the following accounts %1 The new password is:%2 MSG_817 = RESERVED MSG_818 =

If you accept the terms of use href=''> , please activate your account by clicking the address below: < P>%1&txtLogin=%2&txtPass=%3

MSG_819 = Do not reply to this email. If you have not registered in Taulukko, simply ignore this message. Important:\n\n MSG_820 =

Warning: This password will remain valid until you create a new one in our website.

MSG_821 = Activate your registration on Taulukko! MSG_822 = Registered successfully!
Missing only do confirmation email. Follow the instructions sent to your email and enter Taulukko!
MSG_823 = . Warning: We have detected that your email does not meet the standards for sending and receiving emails
If you do not receive the confirmation, please contact the Taulukko team by email at %1 MSG_824 = Warning: If you do not receive an email confirmation, check in your SPAM folder or MASS .
If still you do not find it, contact the Taulukko team by email at %1 MSG_825 = The campaign is no longer active. Please contact the teacher. MSG_826 = You're already registered for the campaign [%1]. MSG_827 = No more adventures if you register twice. We are sorry! ^ ^ MSG_828 =

Hello% 1 player [%2] ends requesting to join your campaign [3%]. To accept, click the link below. To refuse, simply ignore this message. MSG_829 = Registered successfully! MSG_830 = Campaign %1 already exists. Try to be more creative ;-) MSG_831 = Error creating campaign = ( MSG_832 =

Hello% 1 Player [%2] just go into your campaign [%3] You already have many players? Prevent automatic input switching his campaign for private . MSG_833 = Taulukko: New Player! MSG_834 = Taulukko the team MSG_835 = You can request up to five passwords per day. MSG_836 = Error sending ... MSG_837 = Delete MSG_838 = This model is in use and no field can be deleted or have its name changed MSG_839 = Are you sure you want to delete this style? MSG_840 = A Brazilian legend says an Indian whom everyone thought crazy and loved to tell stories that pleased one landowner. This man had worked for the Indian amuse him. But one day, he ran away. Only when hunting the Indians found that they did not know his name and treated him just like Just Crazy. Thus, the Indian came to be called Talluco, with some changes that turned Taulukko. MSG_841 = In the dwarf language invented by Tolkien, Tolkien was the meaning of history. MSG_842 = At the time of the Brazilian dictatorship, resisters were called taulukkos. Word in Russian, was synonymous with 'gringo socialist' but that between the resistant and gained the meaning of friend. MSG_843 = In the Cold War, during the call phase of 'Star Wars', the first name suggested for a station on the moon was Taulukko, name composed of the initials of the NASA scientists in the 70s. MSG_844 = Beside the Tyrannosaurus Rex walked another dino, the Taulukko. Despite the diminutive size, caused some damage once attacked in packs. The name meant Taulukko, Tau = effort lukko = mass, ie, team effort. MSG_845 = Retract MSG_846 = Collapse publication MSG_847 = This model is in use and must remain posted! MSG_848 = Buy Premium account MSG_849 = To buy a Premium account, you will have the following benefits: MSG_850 = Premium support. MSG_851 = Create templates and macros protected (without the option to 'Create copy'). MSG_852 = And automatically enjoy all the new features for Premium users arising in Taulukko. MSG_853 = And of course, will be helping Taulukko Grow! MSG_854 = Remember: MSG_855 = a premium account is valid for 12 months! MSG_856 = The amount of the premium account is% 1 Taulonas. If you are interested to purchase it now, just click Finish MSG_857 = To buy a Premium account, you need %1 Taulonas.
Get more Taulonas the Store link at the bottom of this page. MSG_858 = PREMIUM Account: MSG_859 = Normal account: MSG_860 = Updating profile ... MSG_861 = Invalid Account MSG_862 = RESERVED MSG_863 = What do you think you're doing here? You have been banned! If you have questions, please contact support, %1 MSG_864 = Your account has not been activated yet. To do this, check your e-mails.
If you have not received our message, look in your spam box. If it still does not work, contact support, %1 MSG_865 = Hello, dear player. Thank you for your last donation!
Hope you enjoy a lot during this session. MSG_866 = Welcome back! You are now logged in! MSG_867 = Shares MSG_868 = Send Message MSG_869 = Text very large, up to 2000 characters. MSG_870 = Taulukko - New message MSG_871 = Hello% 1,
User [%2] com email: %3 sent you the following message:

MSG_872 = Send Message:
MSG_873 = Write here a message up to 2000 characters. The recipient will receive the registered email.
MSG_874 = You can still enter  2000  characters!
MSG_875 = message has been sent!
MSG_876 = Name
MSG_877 = Skills:
MSG_878 = Search for players
MSG_879 = You can look for players who are available by typing one or more words in the field below and pressing Search
MSG_880 = Inside the Taulukko, your XP will always folded.
MSG_881 = Accepts new players?
MSG_882 = Master
MSG_883 = You must indicate whether or not to accept new players!
MSG_884 = Yes-It takes 24 hours to update
MSG_885 = No Hidden in search
MSG_886 = macro successfully changed
MSG_887 = Session expired!
MSG_888 = Error!
MSG_889 = Field "Command" is required!
MSG_890 = "Description" field is mandatory!
MSG_891 = Saving ...
MSG_892 = save
MSG_893 = delete
MSG_894 = Command
MSG_895 = Adding macro ...
MSG_896 = Reloading ...
MSG_897 = Creator of macros
MSG_898 = Macros are useful for minimizing the effort of typing chat commands very common. It can be anything from a simple common speech of his character to complex scrolling data.
MSG_899 = In the "command" you add the same command you type into the chat. In the "description" field, a text that reminds you what it is.
MSG_900 = To find all possible commands, see our help file  .
MSG_901 = Examples
MSG_902 = If, roll damage sword, every time you need to roll 3 dice of 10 sides and add 5 bonus, you can create a macro putting  / 3d10 +5  in the command field and "Damage Sword "in the description field.
MSG_903 = If your character is called Theobald and throughout the game you change the nick to Tybalt, you can create a macro  / nick Theobald  called "Tybalt" command.
MSG_904 = If your character has a line that is almost always the same, eg "Let's Rodrigo, life does not expect", where "Rodrigo" is the name of those who are with him at the time, the command can be done as follows: Let % TEXT% life do not wait! . The value % TEXT%  will be replaced by the text that is in the text chat box when you trigger the macro. Ie, at the time of use, you first write the name (Rodrigo Marcio etc.) in the chat text box and then click the macro.
MSG_905 = Shares
MSG_906 = Name
MSG_907 = /time
MSG_908 = hour
MSG_909 = /d20+3
MSG_910 = Sword +3 Damage
MSG_911 = /nick Merlin
MSG_912 = Switch to Merlin
MSG_913 = Whispers: %TEXT%
MSG_914 = Send whispering
MSG_915 = Delete
MSG_916 = edit macros
MSG_917 = edit notes
MSG_918 = Grades
MSG_919 = "Name" field is mandatory!
MSG_920 = Note changed successfully!
MSG_921 = Include
MSG_922 = in
MSG_923 = for my sake
MSG_924 = sharing
MSG_925 = Creator of notes
MSG_926 = A note is an easy and practical way of storing information. You can store information regarding a sword you have on the members needed to create a magical ritual, or even about some important NPC who talked.
MSG_927 = Remarks
MSG_928 = When you create a note, only the creator and master of the room have access to it. Nevertheless, only the creator can edit the note or share with other users.
MSG_929 = When a user has a note created by another user (shared note), he can view and remove the note from the list. But you can not edit or share (the latter two features are unique to the creator).
MSG_930 = When the author deletes a note that he created, the note disappears from the list of shared users.
MSG_931 = Welcome!
MSG_932 = We at Taulukko team, thank you for using our system. If you have any questions, be sure to look for us.
MSG_933 = Global Scripts
MSG_934 = Global scripts emerged to facilitate the life of the creator of models. Now, with global scripts, you can create functions or styles that are visible throughout the model.
MSG_935 = Imagine that in your designs, every time a player fills in any of the 10 attributes of a record, the HP field is recalculated. Before, the recalculation was placed on all onChange events of each attribute. If the formula recalculation of HP change would require changing all events in the model. Now, just put in each onChange event a call to recalcularHP () function and create this function as global. If you ever need to change the form of HP recalculate only need to change this function once.
MSG_936 = Another situation: Suppose you want to change the background color of all the textbox. Before, you needed to change the CSS from field to field. Now you can simply set input {background-color: ...} and may change as global for all fields of type input in a single shot.
MSG_937 = amended script successfully
MSG_938 = Select
MSG_939 = Others.
MSG_940 = What is the next number after %1?
MSG_941 = Fill out the AntiSpam field with the following value. If, for example, the number is 3, type 4!
MSG_942 = Now turn to page home page and register yourself. It's fast and easy.
MSG_943 = Players
MSG_944 = Search
MSG_945 = Suggested campaigns
MSG_946 = Buteco RPG
MSG_947 = The meeting point for roleplayers. Found no one in the room? Invite your friends and mount a campaign.
MSG_948 = Who's on the table?
MSG_949 = Name
MSG_950 = In New registered %1 for player %2 donation
MSG_951 = Billet generated
MSG_952 = creating a campaign
MSG_953 = publishing a campaign
MSG_954 = creating a model
MSG_955 = creating a field
MSG_956 = entering a game session
MSG_957 = entering the buteco
MSG_958 = entering a campaign
MSG_959 = creating a macro
MSG_960 = using a macro
MSG_961 = using a note
MSG_962 = creating a note
MSG_963 = leaving a campaign
MSG_964 = using the session game room
MSG_965 = gained
MSG_966 = lost
MSG_967 = Hello  %1, you %2 ?%3 XP for %4.
MSG_968 = using a model
MSG_969 = joining a campaign
MSG_970 = change your name in chat quietly
MSG_971 = How to use macros?
MSG_972 = User does not exist
MSG_973 = What do you think you're doing? You are banned!
MSG_974 = Were you allowed to login. Enter your username and password and good game!
MSG_975 = The validation code does not match! Contact the team at Taulukko email
MSG_976 = Congratulations! Your registration is validated. Ready to slay dragons? So here we go! Enter your username and password and good game!
MSG_977 = Loading ...
MSG_978 = Ooops, miscommunication! Reloading in %1s
MSG_979 = Adding note
MSG_980 = Ooops .... the note can not be loaded. Try again.
MSG_981 = The value of this field will be deleted. Are you sure?
MSG_982 = This field allows you to still type %1 characters.
MSG_983 = It is mandatory to sell his soul to the devil to be able to use the system. Read and accept the rules
MSG_984 = It's easy to follow us on the Web
MSG_985 = If you already have Google Chrome Frame plugin installed or you want to continue at your own risk, click  here 
MSG_986 = Edit using HTML5 (new)
MSG_987 = Draw this page
MSG_988 = Properties
MSG_989 = command button
MSG_990 = Button
MSG_991 = text field with a single row
MSG_992 = Input
MSG_993 = text field multiline with scrollbar
MSG_994 = Text Box
MSG_995 = text label
MSG_996 = Label
MSG_997 = Image
MSG_998 = invisible
MSG_999 = Style (CSS)
MSG_1000 = change
MSG_1001 = Advanced
MSG_1002 = Desktop
MSG_1003 = job Title
MSG_1004 = Background color
MSG_1005 = Attention: The following operations can be performed only if your model plug is not being used by anyone.
MSG_1006 = Change Field Name
MSG_1007 = New name
MSG_1008 = Delete field
MSG_1009 = delete
MSG_1010 = You must select a field!
MSG_1011 = Clicking the mouse
MSG_1012 = By moving the mouse
MSG_1013 = When typing
MSG_1014 = By losing focus
MSG_1015 = Error converting types
MSG_1016 = sample value
MSG_1017 = Editing Fields flap
MSG_1018 = Use grid
MSG_1019 = you
MSG_1020 = Unable to rename. There is already another field with the same name
MSG_1021 = The New Name field is not filled. Try again
MSG_1022 = Letters, numbers and underscore (_) to the field name is only allowed.
MSG_1023 = Description field is not a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The only limit is 4000 characters
MSG_1024 = Oops, missed populate the Description field
MSG_1025 = In  Facebook  you will find a page of Taulukko created and managed by fans.
MSG_1026 = Taulukko :: - Online RPG table ::
MSG_1027 = 

If you did not request a new password, just ignore this email. Otherwise, you can now access the site Taulukko with your new password. MSG_1028 =

New password generated successfully! An email is being sent to you right now with the new password MSG_1029 = Hello, was prompted for a new password to this email at < / a>, but no account was not found for him. Go back to site and try again. Or, if you have not requested a password change, just ignore this email. MSG_1030 = Play RPG Table on the Internet MSG_1031 = The Taulukko is the best tool to play RPG over the internet and all you need is your browser. MSG_1032 = Sample screen MSG_1033 = Image %1 MSG_1034 = Access Taulukko MSG_1035 = Forgot password MSG_1036 = Forgot your password? MSG_1037 = Enter your email below to send a new password MSG_1038 = Do not have an account at Taulukko? MSG_1039 = It's quick and free. MSG_1040 = Create Account MSG_1041 = Can not play tabletop RPG? MSG_1042 = Learn from our tutorial. MSG_1043 = Start tutorial MSG_1044 = Quick to start MSG_1045 = No need to download MSG_1046 = Multi-system and multi-user MSG_1047 = For free! MSG_1048 = About Taulukko MSG_1049 = Terms of Use MSG_1050 = Community MSG_1051 = Some rights reserved. To learn more, read detailing . MSG_1052 = Game Room - with roller data, private messages, send files, logs and many other tools to master. MSG_1053 = Character Sheet - You see change and the master, the master changes and you see! For D20, Old Dragon, Mutants and Masterminds, 3D & T and hundreds of other systems MSG_1054 = Chip Editor - And if you did not find a model that suits you record, you can modify an existing or create your look with a user-friendly tool. MSG_1055 = Community - modify your profile to be found and to find new friends to play RPG MSG_1056 = Help - Help screens with interactive, live tutorials and more! MSG_1057 = Incorrect username! MSG_1058 = Use only letters and numbers. MSG_1059 = Password unsafe MSG_1060 = Prefer to use passwords with more characters MSG_1061 = Incorrect password! MSG_1062 = The password and confirmation must be equal MSG_1063 = Invalid E-mail! MSG_1064 = Permissions MSG_1065 = Update your browser before signing MSG_1066 = We beg you to have mercy on the developers Taulukko and install and use an efficient web browser: MSG_1067 = Request MSG_1068 = Server Unavailable MSG_1069 = The request was sent to the narrator of the campaign. Wait your permission. MSG_1070 =

Hello %s The narrator campaign [%s] authorized you to enter it. To see your listing with all your campaigns, click here MSG_1071 = Message from Taulukko for you. MSG_1072 = Successfully authorized MSG_1073 = Public MSG_1074 = Public, to be or not to be ... MSG_1075 = The way you set up your campaign determnar if players can enter it if strangers enter or just your friends. Below the detailed explanation. MSG_1076 = Public campaigns MSG_1077 = Appear in the search system. MSG_1078 = Player can enter without the permission of the master (GM). Although the GM can ban any unwanted player. MSG_1079 = Appropriate for teachers who want to meet new players. MSG_1080 = Moderate campaigns MSG_1081 = Not appear in the search system - the master must send the link. MSG_1082 = Players who wish to join it will need confirmation from the master (GM). The request is sent by email. MSG_1083 = Appropriate for teachers who just want to play with your friends. MSG_1084 = See notifications MSG_1085 = Hide MSG_1086 = Delete MSG_1087 = Characters MSG_1088 = Templates MSG_1089 = Say what's your name MSG_1090 = do so MSG_1091 = not do so MSG_1092 = finishing the profile screen tutorial MSG_1093 = finishing the game room tutorial MSG_1094 = New generated password MSG_1095 = Your browser does not accept sounds in HTML 5 MSG_1096 = Apply MSG_1097 = Grid MSG_1098 = Remove NPC MSG_1099 = Tokens can not select players. MSG_1100 = NPC Name field is mandatory MSG_1101 = Annotation MSG_1102 = Portrait 1 MSG_1103 = Portrait 2 MSG_1104 = Tape 1 MSG_1105 = Tape 2 MSG_1106 = Clip MSG_1107 = Blank MSG_1108 = French 1 MSG_1109 = Mist MSG_1110 = Taulukko MSG_1111 = French 2 MSG_1112 = Lava MSG_1113 = Fractal 1 MSG_1114 = Fractal 2 MSG_1115 = 007 MSG_1116 = Beehive MSG_1117 = Japan MSG_1118 = Swirl MSG_1119 = Gas MSG_1120 = Blood MSG_1121 = Nanking # Novos MSG_1122 = Tutorials MSG_1123 = Reactivate Tutorials MSG_1124 = Tutorials reactivated MSG_1125 = You can not send private messages to yourself. To send to another player, try pm the command //pm playerNick %1 MSG_1126 = Reconnecting in %1 seconds MSG_1127 = Error sending message MSG_1128 = Google Image Search API MSG_1129 = Services MSG_1130 = produced by MSG_1131 = The game is good, you want to close the window anyway? MSG_1132 = provides a link to the help file MSG_1133 = Lets you change your name in the chat room. MSG_1134 =

Lets you change your name in the chat room



/nick Merlin

/nick Mandiana Rones

/nick Stealth Mouse

MSG_1135 =

Prints the current date of the server in the chat.

MSG_1136 =

Prints the current server time in chat.

MSG_1137 =

Prints a link to all possible commands

MSG_1138 =

Roll a %2 sided, and we can put the desired amount and bonus .





MSG_1139 =

Command Master: Send a picture to chat

. Examples:



MSG_1140 =

Command Master: Allows you to change your name in the chat room covertly without players to see.


//nick Merlin

//nick Mandiana Rones

//nick Stealth Mouse

MSG_1141 = ten MSG_1142 = two MSG_1143 = twenty MSG_1144 = four MSG_1145 = hundred MSG_1146 = six MSG_1147 =

Command Master: Send a private message to [%1]

MSG_1148 = eight MSG_1149 =

Command Master: Roll a %2 faces hidden way, players do not see, and we can put the desired amount and bonus.


/ /3d%1


//3d%1+10 MSG_1150 =

Command player: send a private message to master.

MSG_1151 = twelve MSG_1152 = Look for the campaign you want to play using the "search" link in the "Campaigns" menu on your profile MSG_1153 = What is RPG? MSG_1154 =

RPG means Role Playing Game which in Portuguese means "game playing roles"

In an RPG, there are two types of players:. Establishing the history and the roles they play .

MSG_1155 = The Master MSG_1156 =

Drawing a parallel with the theater, who creates the story, ie, the master would be the director. The other players would be actors.

MSG_1157 =

Depending on the type of RPG, the Master is also called Narrator, DM, or other names. Here in Taulukko, we will call GM, which means Game Master.

MSG_1158 = The Characters MSG_1159 =

The other players are the characters. Each player chooses a character to play.

MSG_1160 = Rules of the Game MSG_1161 =

If the master simply tell a story, it would be just a story.

The difference here is that, for example, if a character must climb a wall, the master can either say "ok, you rose" as "role one six-sided die, with 5 or 6 you can " And this is where the game gets interesting, because not even the Master knows exactly how the story ends.

MSG_1162 = Rules System MSG_1163 = Some rules

his master will invent time, others he will use a system of rules ready.

There are various systems of rules, some paid and others for free.

MSG_1164 =

The first was the D & D (Dungeons And Dragons), which inspired the 80's cartoon series Dungeons & Dragons D & D has medieval theme and is responsible for inspiring movies, music and computer games as Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights

MSG_1165 =

Today you can find a plethora of systems ranging from comedy to futuristic games, games about vampires, steampunk etc..

MSG_1166 = The sheet Pesonagem MSG_1167 =

In absolute most systems, there are rules to create a character sheet.

The record will define some attributes of your character, such as strength, speed, life, ammo etc.. The attributes depend on the system used.

MSG_1168 =

In our example the wall, the master could have said "roll a six-sided die and add their strength. With a score above 10, you can"

MSG_1169 = Data MSG_1170 =

Fundamental parts of the RPG, the data generate the randomness required to leave the game fun.

There are many types of data beyond the usual 6-sided die. There are data up to 100 faces!

MSG_1171 = Data - Terminology MSG_1172 =

Again, who decides the types of data used is the system and the master. To make everyone's life easier, there is a simple way to write data 3 of 6 faces 3 more bonus points, which is 3d6 +3. 2 10-sided dice? 2d10 and so on ...

MSG_1173 = The Game MSG_1174 =

But the best way to learn to play a game is starting. Will be a simple game, just for you to understand the mechanics. It should take a few minutes.

MSG_1175 = Choose Your Character MSG_1176 = Shall we begin? MSG_1177 = Spoiler tombs MSG_1178 = An explorer warrior MSG_1179 = A wizard MSG_1180 = Character Sheet MSG_1181 = Class MSG_1182 = Skills MSG_1183 = Attack MSG_1184 = Magic Attack MSG_1185 = Speed MSG_1186 = Energy MSG_1187 = Maximum Power MSG_1188 = Defense MSG_1189 = Equipment MSG_1190 = Backpack MSG_1191 = Rope MSG_1192 = Canteen of water MSG_1193 = Dagger MSG_1194 = Sword MSG_1195 = Staff MSG_1196 = Spoiler tombs MSG_1197 = Explorer warrior MSG_1198 = Ronam the Barbarian MSG_1199 = Magician MSG_1200 = Record Card MSG_1201 =

Notice that the record, right next door, has attributes according to the character you chose. Other characters may have different attributes.

MSG_1202 = One rainy night ... MSG_1203 =

You, %1, was traveling to a seaside town, when, near the end of the day, heavy rain reached you. You are obliged to take shelter in a cave.

MSG_1204 = Weird Signs MSG_1205 = Maybe some guarded relic MSG_1206 = Maybe some beast worth being killed, MSG_1207 = Perhaps the signs are arcane and you discover a new spell, MSG_1208 =

Noting the strength of the rain, it is obvious that it will not pass anytime soon. You decide to spend the night in the same cave.

However, almost by chance, you see symbols on the wall. You will investigate %1?

MSG_1209 = I'm going towards the back of the cave to investigate. MSG_1210 = Ignore the symbols MSG_1211 = The Bear MSG_1212 = You only have one gun in the backpack, a dagger. If it were on a table, his teacher would ask you to roll one 6-sided die and add to your attack (3). Here, you will hit the button below d6 MSG_1213 = You only have one gun in the backpack, a sword. If it were on a table, his teacher would ask you to roll one 6-sided die and add to your attack (4). Here, you will hit the button below d6 MSG_1214 = You only have one gun in the backpack, a staff. But you would be a disaster by fighting with him. You will need to use magic. If it were on a table, his teacher would ask you to roll one 6-sided die and add to your magic attack (6). Here, you will hit the button below d6 MSG_1215 = Maybe it was not a good idea to enter the cave. A bear lives here and he came home. MSG_1216 = Now, you will face a fight MSG_1217 = Roll 1D6 MSG_1218 = Results MSG_1219 = You took the %1 d6 + %2 of your attack = 3% MSG_1220 = You've been hit, but survived. That was close. MSG_1221 = Now that he's dead, you won 50 experience points. This score is not used in this tutorial. But in a real game, it helps you make your character more powerful with time. MSG_1222 = Investigate the bear MSG_1223 = Now, you can better investigate the bear, or just leave it alone and wait for the dawn. MSG_1224 = Investigate the bear's body MSG_1225 = Wait for the new day MSG_1226 = You find a collar attached to the neck of the bear. Will remove it? MSG_1227 = Remove the collar MSG_1228 = Do not remove MSG_1229 =

By removing the collar, the bear becomes a person. He's still dead, but is now a man of about 40 years.

Maybe he was a cursed person. It's too late to do something. You keep the necklace, but does not put up power to discover more about it.

Notice in your record. Win one item! MSG_1230 = mysterious necklace MSG_1231 = More signs MSG_1232 =

Exploring further the cave, other signs lead to a door. However, a nearly invisible trap is before her.

In a table, a master ask you to roll one 6-sided die and add their agility. Here, you will press the button d6 to see how much comes out in the virtual data.

MSG_1233 = Results MSG_1234 = you MSG_1235 = realizes a trap on the ground and deflected it. MSG_1236 = falls into a trap on the floor. A false floor makes you fall. You get hurt, look at your record. If your energy reaches zero, you die. Take care! MSG_1237 = This is because you get %1 in d6 + your dex (%2) = %3 and 4 difficulty was MSG_1238 = The chest MSG_1239 = dagger. MSG_1240 = sword. MSG_1241 = magic. Struggle with his wooden staff would be suicide. MSG_1242 = You open the door and see a chest. Overlooking it is a skeleton wearing the clothes of a magician. He is lying on his chest and looking toward the door. MSG_1243 = Suddenly, his eyes turn red skeleton and he gets up. He says: MSG_1244 = I'm Xzane, the last king malignant, and will use the rest of my strengths so that you do not take what's mine! MSG_1245 = You will need to face it. Roll the D6 again. To attack him, you'll use your 1% MSG_1246 = the defeat without getting hurt. MSG_1247 = the defeat, but was partially injured. Save money every day. If your energy reached zero, you die. Be careful. MSG_1248 = The ancient wizard falls to the ground and your bones turn to dust. Now he can rest. MSG_1249 = The reward MSG_1250 = Once you have defeated the wizard, you receive 100 experience points, or XP 100. These points are of no use in this tutorial, but in a campaign, you would use them to make your character more powerful. MSG_1251 = You open the bag? MSG_1252 = I open. MSG_1253 = Not open and come back to the entrance. MSG_1254 = The Treasury MSG_1255 = Inside the chest you will find: MSG_1256 = A Bracelet MSG_1257 = A scroll with magical writings MSG_1258 = Gold Coins MSG_1259 = mysterious bracelet MSG_1260 = magic scroll MSG_1261 = Gold Coins MSG_1262 = Footprints MSG_1263 =

Seems that while you were inside the cave, some large critter walked past her and left large footprints. Whatever it is, it's gone.

Now we'll wait for the dawn.

MSG_1264 = New day MSG_1265 =

Comes a new day, the rain stops and the sun rises. Anyway, you can go.

MSG_1266 = End MSG_1267 =

This is the end of our adventure micro

But your character does not disappear when the adventure ends. The target of %1 can still be traced, as his master can narrate a sequence of this adventure, and another and another ... Various adventures of the same characters are named

MSG_1268 = Campaign MSG_1269 = Final Comments MSG_1270 =

You helped build the story. If you play this adventure again, the result could be another. For example, what would happen if MSG_1271 = you had investigated the symbols inside the cave? MSG_1272 = Or MSG_1273 = if you had a way to remove the collar bear without killing it? So talk to the shifter? MSG_1274 = had removed the collar bear? MSG_1275 = if you had investigated the bear? MSG_1276 = had not gone to investigate the symbols? MSG_1277 = had fallen into that trap? MSG_1278 = had greater agility than %2 and escaped the trap? MSG_1279 = And the items in the bag? Does that bracelet is magic? Some sage in the city could give you more information, or to decipher the parchment. You could spend the coins found by buying items in the city. MSG_1280 = And if you had opened the chest? MSG_1281 = In continuation of this adventure, you might also investigate the footprints of the cave. MSG_1282 = And that's not all! MSG_1283 = In reality it is only the beginning. In true RPG game, you can have even more options! " MSG_1284 = Systems MSG_1285 = Here we use a proprietary system. There are more fun and complex systems, but you will only need to know them if you want to play with the master instead of player. MSG_1286 = Below is a list of free systems to download: MSG_1287 = Team MSG_1288 = Here you played alone, but usually will be on a table with 3-5 other players. This allows more interaction between the characters. A character can help the other, trade items, chat ... MSG_1289 = Now that you know how the RPG can be fun, that this register and invite your friends to play? MSG_1290 = The Taulukko is a tool that allows you to narrate stories or participate in the distance. MSG_1291 = Want to create an account now? MSG_1292 = Yes, I want to sign up now. MSG_1293 = No, I will register myself later. MSG_1294 = Creating an account MSG_1295 = Fill out the fields solcitados. Attention to correctly fill in the e-mail because you need to hold a confirmation via email. MSG_1296 = You tried to access a page where you must be logged. Sign in or create a new account. MSG_1297 = Campaigns MSG_1298 = unlocked-click to block MSG_1299 = Clear Chat MSG_1300 = All Disturb MSG_1301 = Image Search MSG_1302 = Let's play! MSG_1303 = This is the first time you access the game room of Taulukko. MSG_1304 = The tutorial can help you better understand the basic features of the room. MSG_1305 = Shall we begin? MSG_1306 = Do not show again. MSG_1307 = No. I'll do later. MSG_1308 = This is the chat screen and here is what will happen their greatest adventures. MSG_1309 = Send new text MSG_1310 = You enter new messages - or your character - for the chat text box at the bottom of the screen. MSG_1311 = Rolando data MSG_1312 = Changing the name MSG_1313 = Sound MSG_1314 = Macros MSG_1315 = End Date MSG_1316 = And a table RPG would not be complete if we did not have data! MSG_1317 = To roll a die six, type the command / d6 and hit enter. MSG_1318 = You can also roll over a given simultaneously. Just use / 3d10 command, for example. In case, you roll 3 dice of 10 sides. MSG_1319 = You can also add bonuses or penalties. Just do something like /3d6-2 or /3d+2. Anyway, I think you already understand that all commands start with a slash / ^ ^. MSG_1320 = You will definitely want the name that appears in the chat is your character. To change the name, use / nick newname. MSG_1321 = example MSG_1322 = The toolbar has some nice features. MSG_1323 = If you want to know all the commands, or any other questions, see the help menu? MSG_1324 = From bottom to top, we started the musical note, or Sound MSG_1325 = If you do not want to scroll data via command, use our data kit. MSG_1326 = Eventually, his master will give you tips during the game and you need to write down. May be trademarks or locations, for example. You can make your notes using the Notes. The system stores each. Additionally, you can share with other players. MSG_1327 = During the game, you may need to repeat several times the same command, or the same speech. To make your life easier, the Taulukko offers a system of macros. With one click, you trigger a command or speech. Try it! MSG_1328 = The tutorial is over. If you have questions, please contact us by email . Good game! MSG_1329 = All accepted commands can be seen in our %1 MSG_1330 = click here MSG_1331 = help manual MSG_1332 = Welcome to Taulukko MSG_1333 = This is the first time you access the new Taulukko. MSG_1334 = The tutorial can help you better understand the basic features of Taulukko. MSG_1335 = Do not show again. MSG_1336 = Your profile screen. To change the information, you can use the menu on the right. MSG_1337 = Suggestions MSG_1338 = You can create your campaigns and be a teacher, but if you want to play the campaign of another master, we suggest the Taulukko these campaigns. MSG_1339 = Here always appear public campaigns that are more active and have fewer players than average. MSG_1340 = The tutorial is over. If you have questions, please contact us by email at %1. Good game! MSG_1341 = Here, you see all the campaigns in which he participates. MSG_1342 = Using the menu on the right, you can create new campaigns from which you will be the master. MSG_1343 = Or, if you do not want to be a teacher, you can search for an existing campaign. MSG_1344 = Do not stay alone. Look for players and invite them to play. MSG_1345 = Want to chat? Meet with your friends or meet new people in Buteco RPG. MSG_1346 = The Taulukko has interactive tutorials that can be turned off. If you want to reattach them, you can in the tutorials menu. MSG_1347 = Shop MSG_1348 = T-shirts MSG_1349 = Dices MSG_1350 = Shop Taulukko: MSG_1351 = Be Premium MSG_1352 = You can use the Taulukko free. However, buying a premium account can help us keep the system in the air and make it better and better, faster and faster, and still give you some benefits. MSG_1353 = Learn more MSG_1354 = Exclusive T-Shirts! MSG_1355 = Our shirts are printed on beautiful quality fabrics. Check! MSG_1356 = Yumi dices! MSG_1357 = The rolls will be much more fun with the unique data made by Yumi. MSG_1358 = Learn more MSG_1359 = Premium Account: MSG_1360 = There are several advantages of becoming a Premium user : MSG_1361 = You have priority in support; MSG_1362 = You earn XP twice as fast on your profile; MSG_1363 = Their models chips are write-protected; MSG_1364 = You can copy templates and tokens to modify them *; MSG_1365 = And, of course, helps to improve Taulukko increasingly faster and faster! MSG_1366 = Models of records created by PREMIUM members can not be copied. MSG_1367 = How to buy MSG_1368 = Just click on the button below: MSG_1369 = give you the status of Premium for 1 month. MSG_1370 = click to enlarge MSG_1371 = Exclusive tshirts Minsc and Boo from Baldur's Gate MSG_1372 = The most charismatic character RPG game for PC Electronic Baldur's Gate: The Minsc, accompanied, of course, your mini-Ramster giant space squire Boo! Butt-Kicking for Goodness! MSG_1373 = With Free Shipping! MSG_1374 = Exclusive T-shirt Dwarf Lineage II MSG_1375 = Will resist the face of Puss in Boots made by anãzinha Lineage II? MSG_1376 = The data in Taulukko sold here are created and produced by hand by Yumi Data. This is a unique product! MSG_1377 = And attention is the kit below the sale only in April 2011 ! " MSG_1378 = Each month will be a different kit for sale. Ensure your own! # NOVOS MSG_1379 = Type / no press ENTER to see the list of commands MSG_1380 = Texts that are not the story here. ENTER to send MSG_1381 = Reactivate Tutorials MSG_1382 = Nick %1 is already in use MSG_1383 = Configure Taulukko Mini to put on your site. It will be visible in: MSG_1384 = Site Name: MSG_1385 = Website URL: MSG_1386 = URL of the site (260x130px) logo: MSG_1387 = Choose the size MSG_1388 = Select the type of border MSG_1389 = Rimless MSG_1390 = Rounded edge MSG_1391 = Square edge MSG_1392 = Border Color MSG_1393 = Generate code MSG_1394 = select code MSG_1395 = Enter the above code in the HTML of your site where you'd like to chat to appear. MSG_1396 = Preview MSG_1397 = What are we playing? MSG_1398 = Topa we play the 3d10 system? MSG_1399 = We will then make the chips, roll 3d10 for each attribute. MSG_1400 = I also want to play MSG_1401 = Let's hope to enter two more people. MSG_1402 = I also want to play! MSG_1403 = Useful commands: # abaixo explica o comando /nick MSG_1404 = changes its name # abaixo explica o comando /3d6 e outros semelhantes MSG_1405 = roll three six-sided dice MSG_1406 = rolls three dice ten faces MSG_1407 = roll a twenty-sided die MSG_1408 = rolls two dice and adds ten faces five at the end MSG_1409 = three rolls fudges data MSG_1410 = More tools and options: MSG_1411 = Want more options? Try create a complete campaign MSG_1412 = Below the main features of the full version: MSG_1413 = private messages MSG_1414 = character sheets MSG_1415 = campaign log MSG_1416 = to off-topic chat MSG_1417 = bills MSG_1418 = macros MSG_1419 = This and more grace to you, sign up now! MSG_1420 = Who's on the table? MSG_1421 = created by MSG_1422 = room MSG_1423 = Name binding site MSG_1424 = Address binding site MSG_1425 = Send images MSG_1426 = No NPC selected MSG_1427 = Mandatory dimension MSG_1428 = Type of binding edge MSG_1429 = Can not find the data for this room. Generate a new facility in MSG_1430 = settings MSG_1431 = Tell us a little about yourself MSG_1432 = No available MSG_1433 = Create A New Campaign MSG_1434 = Search An Existing Campaign MSG_1435 = Search for Players MSG_1436 = Mini Taulukko MSG_1437 = The simplest Taulukko. MSG_1438 = Want to play? The rooms below are with players online. Enjoy! # Anúncios-Begin MSG_1439 = Shop Taulukko MSG_1440 = Super Dungeon Explore MSG_1441 = Taulukko Mini, a way to put the Taulukko within your site. MSG_1442 = Kingdoms, being king was never easy. MSG_1443 = Advertise here! MSG_1444 = Articles MSG_1445 = Who said anything about us MSG_1446 = The Taulukko already been on several news sites and blogs RPG. Check! MSG_1447 = Spoke of Taulukko and your website is not listed here? Please contact ! MSG_1448 = Partners MSG_1449 = Now and then partake of the podcast RPG Planet . Come hear! MSG_1450 = Taulukko Legacy does not limit the number of players in the room, but with more than ten players can cause a bit of slowness. MSG_1451 = The Virtual Meeting RPG also happens in Taulukko! MSG_1452 = We attended the RPG Con MSG_1453 = Our email is MSG_1454 = You have not participated in any campaign. MSG_1455 = Loading... MSG_1456 = Waiting ... the dwarves wear their quota meshes. MSG_1457 = Unable to climb the file to the server, maybe he is too big or your internet is not fast enough. Consider reducing the file size. MSG_1458 = Error sending note, maximum is 4000 characters. Current size is MSG_1459 = Type and press ENTER MSG_1460 = today # Anúncios-End MSG_1461 = Provided by MSG_1462 = Want to see your site here for free? MSG_1463 = Place a room Taulukko Mini on your site. MSG_1464 = You have been removed from the room for another window using your user entered the same room. MSG_1465 = More Taulukko MSG_1466 = Community MSG_1467 = Contact MSG_1468 = His table RPG web MSG_1469 = Is difficult gather your friends in a real table? MSG_1470 = Want to meet other players and GMs? MSG_1471 = The Taulukko is your place. MSG_1472 = Wherever you are, play RPG MSG_1473 = To meet friends and play, simply login from your browser. MSG_1474 = All your information (profile, campaign records) are stored on our server. Traveled, but forgot he had a campaign online scheduled? Simply access the Taulukko and play! MSG_1475 = Whatever your game, play in Taulukko MSG_1476 = The Taulukko was made for you to play RPG, whatever the system of rules chosen. MSG_1477 = D10 data you use? Fudge dice? We have. MSG_1478 = Want a voice service? The server has a Taulukko Team Speak for you to talk while playing. MSG_1479 = Chips for various systems MSG_1480 = The already has Taulukko MSG_1481 = models of character sheets MSG_1482 = developed for various rule systems. MSG_1483 = Want to play now? MSG_1484 = The Taulukko users are flocking to a new game now. MSG_1485 = Campaign marked to be deleted in 7 days. MSG_1486 = Want to be the narrator? Take this time to create an adventure. MSG_1487 = This campaign will be deleted in %1 day (s). MSG_1488 = This time has MSG_1489 = Play MSG_1490 = Offering MSG_1491 = players online, new game MSG_1492 = Reverse MSG_1493 = This campaign will be cleared in less than 1 day. MSG_1494 = Deleting a Campaign MSG_1495 = The process to delete a campaign can be reversed in a maximum of 7 days. MSG_1496 = Since the last three days, any player that has a character in your campaign, you can 'adopt' the campaign. Adopt means that he will become her master. MSG_1497 = Case until the last day you can reverse the situation and no player has been interested in adopting the campaign, then definitely it will be deleted. MSG_1498 = Restored. MSG_1499 = Adopt MSG_1500 = The campaign is already marked for deletion MSG_1501 = Campaign adopted MSG_1502 = This campaign has already been adopted MSG_1503 = Taulukko - His campaign [%1] will be deleted in 7 days MSG_1504 = The master requested to delete the campaign [%1]. You have 7 days to save or print the information you find necessary as a character, chat etc.. When missing three days for the campaign to be erased, you can "adopt it" from your profile, becoming the master of it. If anyone adopt the campaign and the master does not change his mind, the campaign will finally cleared on the seventh day. MSG_1505 = The master of his campaign [%1] changed his mind. She will no longer be deleted. MSG_1506 = Your campaign [%1] has a new master. She was adopted by %2, MSG_1507 = Your campaign [%1] was rescued MSG_1508 = Enable Sound MSG_1509 = Others. MSG_1510 = Controls MSG_1511 = Duplicate MSG_1512 = Complete first step %1 MSG_1513 = 1 tell me what is your record MSG_1514 = Here is where you describe your style plug. Tell what system of rules it meets, its advantages and disadvantages. Ie, everything the narrator need to know before you attach this style to the campaign. MSG_1515 = 2 draw your record MSG_1516 = Here is where you actually create the layout of your template record. Create name for the pages, fields such as name, breed and description. Anyway, all that the player will display before completing the record. You do not need to know HTML nor javascript, but if you know it's even better. MSG_1517 = 3 post MSG_1518 = When your model is ready for use, it is time to make it available to search. MSG_1519 = You do not have permission to edit this template! MSG_1520 = Advanced: Configure scripts and global css. MSG_1521 = Record your model ready? Then is the time to put it in searches. Thus, all the narrators (you included) can adopt the model in their campaigns. MSG_1522 = Attention! It may take some time for it to appear in the search. MSG_1523 = Without sufficient for publishing fields. MSG_1524 = Ex: Skills MSG_1525 = Ex: Equipment MSG_1526 = Ex: Skills MSG_1527 = Ex: Annotations MSG_1528 = Upload MSG_1529 = About MSG_1530 = Models RSS MSG_1531 = Follow the new models record subscribing to our RSS MSG_1532 = Change the password MSG_1533 = Password must be between 5-10 characters. MSG_1534 = Old Password MSG_1535 = New password MSG_1536 = Confirm Password MSG_1537 = said something ... MSG_1538 = The access configuration page %1 is missing, please contact support! MSG_1539 = script successfully removed MSG_1540 = Autorization failed. Please contact the support team. 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MSG_1565 = User is not a member of this campaign! MSG_1566 = This character sheet is incompatible with the campaign! MSG_1567 = Error creating character! MSG_1568 = Error trying to remove character from campaign! MSG_1569 = AutoAntiFlood: User %1 has failed in magic resistance test and received the effects of Silence spell MSG_1570 = AutoAntiFlood: User %1 has magic resistence success! MSG_1571 = You have reached the maximum number of characters not currently in a campaign! MSG_1572 = You can't associate or replace characters in campaigns owned by you! MSG_1573= adding a previously created character to a campaign MSG_1574=Modo de Manutenção MSG_1575=being a beta-tester for version 0.8 MSG_1576=being a beta-tester for version 0.9 MSG_1577=being part of the Taulukko staff MSG_1578=finishing the game session tutorial MSG_1579=publishing a campaign MSG_1580=Invlid e-mail format MSG_1581=The engine [%1] has not indexed, please try again later MSG_1582=Campaign MSG_1583=URL Share MSG_1584=Copie a URL e compartilhe nas suas redes sociais ou no chat do Global com os demais usuários. MSG_1585=Copy MSG_1586=Copied! MSG_1587=Browser Support: Chrome 42+, Firefox 41+, IE9+, Opera 29+, no Safari ? MSG_1588=URL inválida! MSG_1589=Por segurança, somente URLs internas são aceitas no global. MSG_1590=Conta com e-mail %1 já existe. Tente recuperar a senha da sua antiga conta. MSG_1591=Username and password is required! MSG_1592=Use your username and not e-mail. MSG_1593=Try %1 MSG_1594=RESERVED MSG_1595=RESERVED